Sack Hoists

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Sack Hoists seen from Bin Floor. Photograph by Jeff Best

High Salvington Windmill has two sack hoists. These are operated by friction drives, one on each side of the Compass Spoke Wheel. Either a chain or a rope is wound around the friction drive, up to a pulley suspended from the ceiling of the mill and with the rope or chain dropped through the hole made by two triangular pieces cut out of the trap doors in the floor so as to make a diamond-shaped hole when the trap doors are closed. A separate cord attached to a lever is pulled to engage the friction drive against the side of the wheel. These control cords pass through holes in the boarding of the stone floor to to drop into the Spout Floor below. One control cord has a chain and ring on the end and can be seen by the door into the mill.

Sack Hoist Friction Drive
Sack Hoist
Sack Hoist Chain Pulley