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The Wooden Roundhouse was replaced in 1907 by a concrete building for use as a tearoom. The present roundhouse was built in 1990 and is similar to the one demolished in 1907. In its original form the mill may have had an open trestle.

The Post - 21'6” (6.6 meters) solid single oak tree is original, which was probably a sapling when Elizabeth 1st was on the throne. Some posts were made from baulk of timber and bound together with bands. This one has fine 18th century iron bands to stop the post from splitting apart. Note the post does not rest on the ground nor on the cross trees, but is suspended from the quarterbars as part of the trestle.

The Trestle - Replaced in 1981 and is made from Douglas Fir, replacing a previous softwood trestle (probably not itself original)

The roundhouse roof was resurfaced by Regal Rooflines with a fibreglass-based coating guaranteed to last 25 years in September 2019.

Earth Rod

Outside the roundhouse, set into the ground midway between the two doors, and the other side of the wall from where the junction box is installed, is the access panel to the Earth Rod.