From High Salvington Mill Trust


Publicity at High Salvington Mill has tended to focus on the following.

  • Publicity Leaflet
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Local Papers
  • Mill Community
  • Local Radio and TV
  • Outreach by Archive
  • Filming

Publicity Leaflet

The same publicity leaflet, with annually changed dates, has been produced for a couple of decades. While often criticised, the black print on yellow card ⅓ x A4 leaflet provides better value for money, has greater robustness, and can cram in more leaflets in a given display space than, for example, a multi-colour, glossy tri-fold A4.

The leaflet is exchanged and distributed in a number of ways.

  • The Great Sussex Way leaflet exchange in Chichester.
  • Transition Town's Seed Swap in Worthing.
  • Worthing Rotary Hobbies and Leisure Exhibition.
  • Delivered to museum, library and tourist information centre in Worthing.
  • Delivered to hotels in Worthing.
  • Leaflet dispenser next to mill gate.

Distribution is key to the value of this leaflet. At the leaflet exchange, we do not pay for a stall, so whoever attends from the Trust - historically Bob and Betty Potts - needs to talk to all the attendees seeking to collect leaflets for display at their hotels and guest houses, to persuade them to take some of our leaflets.


The Trust operates a website at [1]. Events are listed via a menu leading to per-event pages.

Social Media

The Trust operates the following social media accounts where events are advertised ("organically").

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Twitter
  • TikTok

Local Papers

Local papers are notified of events but will often not print anything without a paid advert unless we can supply an interesting, pre-written "story".

Mill Community

Newsletter items, including event dates, are submitted to the Sussex Mills Group Newsletter.

Local Radio and TV

Local radio and TV stations are contacted in advance of major events.

Outreach by Archive

Our archivists have often operated stands at local events to advertise the mill.


Every so often we get contacts from TV and film companies that wish to use the mill as a location. Where this is public broadcast we get some publicity. An example is the segment in the "Country Tracks - South Downs" episode broadcast in 2009. We now have a formal agreement to ensure we get raw footage from such filming and that the mill receives a prominent on-screen credit for location.