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Photograph of the mill notice board.
The Mill Notice Board (2009).

The original mill noticeboard was replaced in 2008 with the one shown in the photograph. The new noticeboard comes with a set of hand-made number plates for altering the dates of painted-on events and there is a display area for an A4 flyer with edge clips to hold one in place. The number plates are stored in a tin in the Maintenance filing cabinet drawer in the Gatehouse Archive, along with materials for making new number plates, as required.

The Noticeboard is Attached to Two Concrete Posts

When making a new number you can try printing the relevant digits using 128pt - 136pt text in a sans serif font. This can then be used as a template to cut out the same shape(s) from the gold sticky-back material in the tin. There may be some blank black plates already cut, otherwise you will need to cut one from the strip of plate material. Carefully peel the backing from the cut out gold digit shape(s) and affix to the glossy side of the blank plate. Cut a suitable length of double-sided tape to apply to the back of the new plate and peel the other side to affix to the notice board. You may need to both remove the previous year's dates and clean away surplus adhesive before attaching the new date plates.

Most of the numbers required for National Mills Weekend open day already exist, plus for a fete on the second Sunday in July. Since we have moved the fete to the first Sunday, some remaining day number may still need to be made up.