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This page is intended to record all known recordings, audio and video, made by established media companies or volunteers at High Salvington Windmill, with links to the media, where available.

David Porter's Archive Films of High Salvington Mill

  1. Mill Part 1. 15' 49"
  2. Mill Part 2. 27' 10"
  3. Mill Part 3. 33' 28"
  4. Presentation of SPAB Award on 15 May 1993. 13' 28"
  5. Moving the Granary. 21' 0"

David Porter's Restoration of High Salvington Windmill 1994

David Porter's Tour of High Salvington Mill

  • Filmed & Edited by David Porter
  • Bob Potts is guide, although there is an initial sequence with Peter Pearce giving instructions to the visitors.
  • Duration: 19'
  • Size: 502MB

From Channel 5 Havakazoo Children's Programme - Nosey at High Salvington Windmill

  • Series: Channel 5's Havakazoo
  • Series Run: 1997-2002
  • Target Audience: Pre-school children.
  • Note: According to Wikipedia, "From the second series the show centres around a puppet dog called 'Watch Dog'. Messy was reintroduced with the format staying almost the same. A segment showing a cartoon style camcorder called Nosey was introduced to show clips from the outside world."
  • Features: Roger Ashton, Bob Potts and Roy Beynon.
  • Duration: 5'
  • Size: 461MB

Ivan Crowe of PastWorld footage

  • From the minutes of the Board meeting held on 26th October 2009, "On 28th July the Secretary was called by Ivan Crowe of PastWorld who wished to shoot some footage of High Salvington Windmill as part of a documentary on alternative energy. He was told that he could come up on 3rd Sunday in August, by which time we hoped to have the scaffolding down, and also referred to the Autumn Rural Crafts Fair."


  • A visitor-supplied video of the 21st December 2007 Carols around the Bonfire.
  • All rights reserved (c) by nicolls d.zine - Hamburg, Germany
  • The video includes photos to a musical background followed by actual video of the carol singing.
  • Duration: 4'08"
  • Size: 36MB

The Day the World Swung

  • From the minutes of the Board meeting held on 27th July 2009, "The West Sussex Youth Parliament Cabinet filmed a scene for their film, “The Day the World Swung”, up at the mill. Afterwards, the Secretary supplied the production company with a file of our logo."

Country Tracks - South Downs High Salvington Windmill Section

  • From the minutes of the Board meeting held on 27th July 2009, "The BBC contacted us about a TV programme called “Country Tracks”. They subsequently interviewed four of us, namely R Potts, D Ashton, R Beynon and P.Casebow for about four and a half hours and have taken away the two mill videos we sell, for extra information."
  • Duration: 8' 15"
  • Size: 92MB

Coral Meeten's A Year in the Life of High Salvington Windmill 2008

  • A Year in the Life of High Salvington Windmill, filmed, narrated, edited and produced by Coral Meetens
  • Duration: 20' 34"
  • Size: 408MB
  • Copyright: Seek consent from Coral & Illusion Films for any usage beyond playback at home or on the mill site.
  • Filmed throughout 2006-7 and released in 2008.
  • Prior to producing and editing this film, Coral recorded a number of interviews with key, long-standing volunteers. She has kindly provided the Mill Trust with the raw footage, below.

John Harvey Stone Dressing

  • John Harvey recorded his stone lifting and stone dressing video.
  • Duration: 25'23"
  • Size: 240MB

Stone Dressing Video 16th February 2011

  • Recorded by Jeff Best on 16th February 2011.
  • A minimally edited collection of 3 minute clips.
  • Peter Casebow, Bob Potts and Tim Wickett raising the runner stone, followed by Peter demonstrating to visitors from Jill Mill how the Friends had originally dressed the stone. Conversation moves on to details of the bearing and how we stop grain falling through the stone.
  • Duration: 49'08"
  • Size: 578MB

Sophia Heale video for class project

  • Sophia Heale's mother sent us this video made by her daughter.

Cinda Evans Brooks - High Salvington Windmill - Interview with Bob Potts

  • Recorded by Lucy on 19th October 2015
  • File is a video with fixed image of windmill. Size ~ 25MB.

Hospital Radio with Greg Page, 2019

  • Greg Page is interviewed while guiding the presenter around the windmill for Hospital Radio.
  • File is audio only. Size ~ 58MB.

Martyn Taylor's The English Windmill, 2019

  • Duration: 98' 32"
  • Size: 791MB
  • This video is on sale in the mill shop. Do NOT download from here.

Other Known Media

There are a lot of videos and podcasts published on the Web that the Mill Trust has no rights to, although, if they were thought to be useful, there is no reason why the Trust should not negotiate with the rights holders with the aim of obtaining a right to use them.

Richard Vobes (The Bald Explorer), A Walk Around High Salvington Windmill (2005)
A Walk Around High Salvington Windmill (2005)
Creator: Richard Vobes
Edmund Spicer, GB0HSM High Salvington Windmill - Mills On The Air 2019
GB0HSM Mills on the Air 2019
Site: YouTube
Creator: Edmund Spicer
High Salvington Windmill, Classic Cars 2017
High Salvington Windmill
Site: YouTube
Creator: Tyrone Ware
Greg Page's, High Salvington Windmill Grinding April 2019
High Salvington Windmill Grinding
Site: YouTube
Creator: Greg Page
Greg Page is one of our volunteers.
Greg Page's, Last Grind of 2019
Last Grind of 2019
Site: YouTube
Creator: Greg Page
Greg Page is one of our volunteers.