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Miller Safety Skills

Risk Assessments

There is a set of risk assessments covering normal operations. Some activities that are either not regular activities, or which are not done every year, will require their own risk assessment to be carried out as part of the planning for the activity. We will aim to link to these here to provide an archive of historical risk assessments for reference.


Toolbox Talks


When new signage is needed somewhere on site, we need to ensure that it conforms to the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 and EN ISO 7010:2012. Generally, if it is a safety sign and there is a standard sign available, defined in the EN ISO 7010:2012 standard, then we are obliged to use that design, although some minor variation from the standard is permitted. We are not allowed to produce our own substantially different designs for standard safety signs. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the standard signs include graphics that are language-independent and therefore should be just as informative to foreigners visiting our site. Secondly, by seeing the same sign graphics in lots of different locations, visitors will be more likely to recognise and understand the symbols.

More information about and a ready reference of ISO 7010 standard safety signs is available at this Wikipedia page.

Portable Appliance Testing

Health & Safety Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) be written...


Fire Extinguishers are situated on the site as follows :-

Building Floor/Area Number & Type
Roundhouse 1 Water, 1 CO2
Buck Spout floor 1 Water
Stone floor 2 Water
Long Barn Kitchen 1 Fire blanket, 1 CO2
Workshop 1 Water
Granary 1 Water
Gatehouse 1 Water

All fire appliances are supplied and maintained by Worthing Borough Council

FIRST AID boxes are kept in the roundhouse and kitchen.

The contents of these boxes must be checked and maintained regularly by volunteers.

Plastic SAFETY FENCE and stakes are situated in the roundhouse for use when it is intended to turn the sails.

The fence must be erected with the stakes inserted in the cement bases around the turning circle as these are outside the range of the turning sweeps.

SPAB Health & Safety Advice

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