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SPAB Award
SPAB Award Plaque
On Saturday 15 May, 1993, Roy Gregory of the Wind and Watermill section of Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) - nowadays just known as the Mills Section - visited High Salvington Windmill with a coachload of SPAB members. He awarded the fourth ever conservation award, and the first in Sussex, to the mill project. Receiving the award were Peter Casebow, Peter Pearce, Roger Ashton and Bob Potts.
The plaque is fixed to a vertical beam beside the brake rope pop-hole on the Spout Floor of the windmill.
The award ceremony was filmed by David Porter.
WBC Distinction in Building Award
For the construction of the Long Barn, built with the matching of volunteer labour hours to funding from a Heritage Lottery grant, a Distinction in Building Award from Worthing Borough Council was awarded to the Friends of High Salvington Windmill in 1998.
WBC Award to Friends of High Salvington Windmill
CPRE Award
In early 2009, Peter Casebow and Bob Potts applied for an award from the Campaign for Rural England in relation to the Glynde Wind Pump restoration. From the minutes of the 27th April 2009 Board meeting, "The examining committee turned up, unannounced, two days after installation of the new sails had been completed. They were impressed, particularly as all had been achieved by volunteers with the backing of Worthing Council, and hinted it was likely that an award for the wind pump, and possibly another for the windmill, at a later time, would be forthcoming. On 26th May, Mr. Potts and Mr. Casebow will receive an award from the CPRE at Braylsham Castle."