About the Mill Trust Wiki

From High Salvington Mill Trust

The High Salvington Mill Trust wiki has been created with the intention of it becoming an encyclopedia of information for all of our volunteers. This does not replace Peter Casebow's excellent book on the restoration of High Salvington Windmill, which is available, from him or the mill shop, for £15. Rather, this wiki is aimed at giving volunteers the information they need to know to carry out their roles effectively, including, how we run open days and events, and, how we maintain the mills on the site.

The wiki uses software called MediaWiki. To use our wiki as a resource, all you need to know is that MediaWiki is the same software used by Wikipedia, and if you have ever searched for information and navigated around Wikipedia's pages to find out something, then you are already an expert in using our wiki!

A wiki wiki web is just a web site built with software that makes creating new pages, and changing existing pages, very quick and easy. Think of it as Hawaiian for "quick, quick web site". Our wiki is not open to everyone. To use it, you must be registered as a user and will need to log on. Since you are reading this, it means you have already been registered and have logged on.

Any logged in user is also entitled to edit pages. There are some restrictions, based on user groups. Some pages will be restricted to certain groups so that these can be used for the internal management of the group. The wiki will tell you if a page is restricted and you cannot either view or change it. If you think you should have read or edit access, then it may mean that a group list has not been updated to include your user name. Please contact the Wiki Manager to remedy this.

Currently, the following groups are recognised.

  • Board - all trustees, advisors and the company secretary.
  • Members
  • Volunteers
  • Archivists

If you need a group that has not yet been defined, contact the Wiki Manager to ask for your group name to be defined.